Our Services

Our services are simple to understand. I work with clients two ways:

1) Completing Comprehensive Financial Planning

Looking at all areas of your financial life for opportunity. Areas reviewed include:

  1. Assets
  2. Liabilities
  3. Insurance
  4. Wills and Trusts
  5. Taxes

2) Investing Your Assets: Building Your Investment Plan for the Future


Keeping in mind the K.I.S.S. philosophy, our focus will be on how can you invest your money with me and understand where it is.

#1 – I start with what type of an account is your money in? Roth IRA, IRA, 401k etc.

#2 – What are your goals for the money and how much are you adding to your investments

#3 – What is your current financial status….income, assets, liabilities, expenses

#4 – We work together to design a portfolio of diversified mutual funds invested according to your ability to handle risk, your age and your goals for the money.

#5 – What are the fees of the investments and fees for my service and time. Simple enough; free of jargon and confusion.

#6 – We’ll meet on a regular determined basis to discuss your finances, account performance, and discuss any changes to the investment philosophy in light of the market, economy and your situation.


So next you might be wondering what are the fees? Fees are simple and vary by each client, but fees are charged in one of two fashions:

#1 – Hourly fee for financial planning – $150-250 per hour depending on the complexity or simplicity of your situation. Don’t worry we can negotiate the fee so you feel it is fair and I feel the same.

#2 – Flat percentage fee on the amount of money you have invested. Currently this fee ranges between .55% per year to 1.5% per year. It really does depend on your situation. Some clients want all bonds, so the fee is drastically lower. Some clients have a small amount of money to start with, so the fee is higher. Bottom line is it is worth my time investment and risk that I take on and be reasonable to you.

#3 – Commissions. Less than 5% of my business is from commission. If it happens, it is because I have clients that are starting to fund Roth IRAs and they have not met the minimum asset size for a fee based account. Otherwise I don’t work on commission.

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